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      瘦西湖的英語表達是:Slender West Lake

      Slender West Lake is situated in the northwest suburb of YangzhouCity. It originally was a nature river course named Baozhang River.With continuous harnessing through the dynasties, it gradually became ascenic area with many enchanting lake scenes. It is located to the westof the city and is slim in its shape, so people named it Slender WestLake.


      Dating from the Tang Dynasty (618-907AD), this manmade lake has often been quoted by several poets of the period. 從唐代開始,瘦西湖就經常被詩人們吟誦了。

      Slender West Lake is 4.3 kilometers in total length with an area ofover 30 hectares. The lake boasts many famous scenic spots, such as theWhite Pagoda, the Five Pavilion Bridge, and Xiaojin Hill.The Long Dike is on the western bank of the lake, extending about one hundred meters from the entrance of the park to the Xiaojin Hill.Weeping willow trees are growing all along the dike. In the lake is anislet where Zheng Banqiao's calligraphy of couplets can be seen in a house.

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